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Please utilize our telehealth and phone options to connect with your therapist without having to come to our office.


NEW PATIENTS - we are accepting new patients for telehealth and phone sessions.


Prism Psychological Services is committed to serving our patients and the community during these unsettling times.






19810 W. Catawba Ave. - Suite E

Cornelius, NC 28031 - Phone/Fax: 704-212-2020


  • Specializing in child and adolescent attention, behavior, and mood issues.    
  • Assessment of ADHD, learning disabilities and IQ.
  • Evaluations for extended time and other accommodations for college and standardized tests, such as SAT, MCAT, etc.                                               
  • Neuropsychological assessment of traumatic brain injury, dementia, and neurological problems.                
  • Neurofeedback therapy for NON-MEDICATION treatment of:                                   ADHD, child behavior problems, mood issues, anxiety, TBI, and more.  
  • Psychotherapy for adults with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress,         major life changes, and serious mental illness.

Prism Psychological Services specializes in assessment and treatment of child and adolescent attention, learning, behavior, and emotional issues.  We offer psychotherapy and counseling for people of all ages.  Our specialties include the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems and a variety of other issues and disorders.


Our assessment services include learning and neuropsychological evaluations.  These include ADHD and learning disorder assessment, evaluation of traumatic brain injury, memory problems, dementia, and other neurological issues.


Prism Psychological Services offers Neurofeedback Therapy for NON-MEDICATION treatment of ADHD, behavior problems, depression, anxiety, TBI, and many other problems and disorders.


Dr. Ronald Field is a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist with many years of experience.  Dr. Field will customize a treatment plan to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle.

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